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A new analytical equipment installed on REALCAT!

Flash Smart, the CHNOS analytical equipment

Le 03 juillet 2019
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Hello everyone !

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new high throughput elemental analyzer to the REALCAT platform. Flash Smart (ThermoFisherScientific) can analyze carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur simultaneously in solid, liquid and viscous liquid samples. Independently, it can also analyze the total oxygen in all types of samples. Its principle is based on "Flash" combustion at 950°C for CHNS elements. Nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen and sulphur are detected respectively in the gas form of: N2, CO2, H2O and SO2. These products from CHNS reactors are then separated and analysed by gas chromatography. Oxygen is dosed after pyrolysis at 1000°C. It is detected as carbon monoxide. Finally, the gases are detected by thermal conductivity (catharometer).

The equipment was combined with a high-precision micrometer balance (1 µm) for sample preparation around which we installed a box designed by our trainee: Tommy DOAN.

Today the equipment has been optimized for a very accurate quantification of organic element in samples. So if you need this type of analysis, do not hesitate to contact us!

Have a nice summer !